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    • Corrosion Testing Lab Delhi

Occurrence of corrosion in metals, leads to a huge amount of wastage in metals annually .This could be prevented by periodic testing enabling the quality check leading to increased life span of the metals. Sigma Test and Research Centre, offers testing services for checking corrosion in metals through its specialized staff of experts.

Here, a metal is subjected to stimulated conditions in order to analyze its sensitivity identifying signs of rusting, fatigue, pitting, cracking and other forms of damages. A predominantly important problem in the petrochemical and power generation industries is measurement of remaining wall thickness in pipes, tubes, or tanks that may be corroded on the inside surface. Such corrosion is often not detectable by visual inspection without cutting or disassembling the pipe or tank.

We also offer investigation on the metals where corrosion has already taken place during operation. This approach is beneficial to identify potential for design improvements for better corrosion resistance. Corrosion over a metal can be examined through measuring the effect of corrosive substances over a wide range of temperature and pressure.

The most common example of corrosion is rusting in iron. Corrosion Resistance is a mechanism where a material has the ability to withstand a particular type of environmental conditions without the metal being disintegrated. The resistance can be improved by addition of alloying elements and appliance of several coatings on the metals.

Corroded metals may result in failed operations leading to huge amount of losses and to avoid such situations, companies are going for testing services ensuring safety and enhancing efficiency.